Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I will choose not to Fear

I have to say that lately this little four letter word has creeped into all apsects of my life lately. You may know it your self "FEAR". It can be subtle, and then before you kow it it has taken over it can totally steal your Joy.
First it started with our sweet Cora, and the comments about adopting an older child that I have let come in. Forgetting that God is Soveriegn and has guided our family to our Precious daughter, and how he has worked out all the beautiful details of it.
Then it happened with my kids at home. Am I picking the right curriculum, are they going to follow the Lord, am I being a good mom, etc. also forgetting what God has called me too and to trust him.
I told you that four letter word was sneaky.
God has been so gracious to me these past couple of days and directed me back to his Truth and has shown me what lies the enemy has planted. He brought my to 1 John 4. Oh, how I love how my daddy. God can just bring such peace and joy over me.
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. 1 John 4:18
These words of scripture are written down and on my kitchen table, where I can see God's truth everyday. The enemy will not steal my Joy inside, and I will keep my eyes on my Father. The one who loves and casts out all Fear.
Cora is who God has knit in our hearts and we couldn't be more happier to be adopting her. I can't wait to hug my sweet nine year old.
I also have been burdened for two dear friends in the adoption process. The enemy always tries to still our Joy so he gets the focus. My two sweet friends (you know who you are) God has called you to your children. No diagnosis of health or age changes that sweet friends. We will choose Love not Fear. God will bless each of you and you both are the perfect mother for your daughters. There medical needs are not bigger than our God. Praying for you both.
And for my other dear friend who is waiting to see the child God has for her. You are worthy of a child dear friend. Focus on God's Love not the FEAR of the enemy that has over taken. Love You.
Now to share my blessings with you because I choose to walk in the Joy and Love of Jesus in this moment. We have had a fun week of school so far. We had Leggio Olympic games, and we did math today outside. I wrote each boys math work on our driveway with chalk. They were beyond excited to do math outside. Something so small and easy made their day. Trying to get back to my Joy and love one day at a time. I love my Leggio Loves.
Also, Austin had a piano recital this past weekend. Corbin was supposed to, but told me mommy my tummy doesn't feel good when people watch me (poor baby). Corbin played his song for me all week at home and I am okay with that. I want to meet my kids where they are, just like Christ meets me and gently leads me where I am. It was bittersweet though because Ethan wasn't doing recital either because he has decided after 7 years of Piano that he would like to take mandolin lessons, so that is what he is doing. And he is one happy kiddo playing the mandolin and that is all that matters.
Ms. Beth, Corbin and Austin

Yes, this is how Mia rolls

My Leggio Loves

Austin with his Musical Achievement Award

Onto the Leggio Olympics

Hulu hooping Contest

Bobsledding (Ethan built this)

Flexing his muscles

Grilled Homemade Pizza with my Loves

Math Outside

Mia doing Calculus. LOL

Sweet Boy

Happy to be doing his math test on our driveway


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your heart, friend! This was a good reminder for me too. Thank you for sharing. Praying your Cora home and thankful for the peace and truth God faithfully brought/brings to your heart.

Heather said...

Praying for you, for Cora and for all of your Leggio Loves! Love from the Midwest (where finally all of the snow is melted)!

likeschocolate said...

Yes, that word can cause so much havoc. Just remember it is not of the LORD!

Maureen said...

Oh I remember that fear very well. It can be hard. And I remember some of the "less than supportive" comments we got also. But the other side of that fear is hope and I know you have a lot of that! Praying for you all and so anxious to see that sweet girl in your arms!

Shay Ankerich said...

Great post twin sister! I hope I haven't added to your curriculum stress. God chose this journey and we trust Him to lead. Praise Him. LOVE every single photo!!!!! Can't wait to be in China together!!!!!

Ethan said...

amen!!!!!!! Love you friend!!!