Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chick Fil A Fundraiser

Our Local Chick Fil A let our family do a fundraiser with them for our adoption. We were very thankful to them for allowing this. (Hint good idea for you if you are fundraising) :)
It was so nice to see the sweet faces that have loved our daughter home. Our whole State Farm office that we use for our insurance ordered to help support our family, our piano teacher texted me when she drove through. It was just so sweet. A lady sitting behind us with her children eating handed me a check for $50.00. I was blown away that someone that didn't know us would do that. It was just an Awesome night. We missed seeing many of our friends from afar, but you are so loved too!!!!!! Thank you all for loving Cora home!!!!!!
Praying our sweet girl knows how much she is LOVED!!!!!!
My Leggio Loves eating some Chicken

Mia and her daddy

Sweet Blane family!!!!!

Me, Mrs. Fernandez (the kids Spanish teacher), and her son

My Aunt and Uncle all the way from California and my grandparents

The Berwicks (Love them)

My Brother Josh and My Dad

My Brother, My mom, and my sweet nephew Oli

The Hart Family

The Steck Family

Our Sweet Neighbors The Hicks!!!!!

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