Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mia's American Girl Fun!!!!!

Papaw Wow Wow and Mimi took us to lunch with my sister n law to celebrate Mia's fourth birthday. We celebrated American Girl style and had lunch at the Bistro. It was so fun!!!!! This was my first time to experience doing something girly with my sweet girl. I loved it!!!!
Papaw Wow Wow and Mimi got Mia a bitty twin doll. We just bought the girl to the twin set because she looked like Mia.
Mia was so excited and was so good during lunch. It was precious to watch her. It was a very fun day.
Mia and Mommy before we left

Papa Wow Wow and Mimi and Mia outside the store and bistro

Mia found the Bitty Babies

Happy with Mimi and her doll Rosie


My sister n law Tammy and me

All smiles

We were supposed to share dessert. LOL

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

This weekend was full of fun, and I am seriously exhausted today, and so are the kiddos.
 I Thank the Lord that we are free to worship and spread the Gospel where we live. I often think of our brothers and sisters in Christ that don't have these freedoms, and often persecuted and imprisoned for Loving our precious JESUS.
He loved us so much to suffer and die and take the burden of the world's sin on his shoulders. How heavy his heart must have been as he walked to the cross. God showed his ultimate Love for us that day on the cross. And the best part is that he was risen again revealing himself to many of his disciples and other believers before he went back to heaven with the Father. Praise him from whom all blessings flow. He offers a free gift to you. What an amazing God we serve.
We celebrated Easter all weekend long. First with precious Mia's birthday Friday night, Saturday a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt at Mimi and Papaw's, then Sunday Church to worship and praise the one who took our shame away, then onto my in laws for lunch and Easter egg hunts with the cousins.
It was a Busy but wonderful weekend.
Austin, Papa Wow Wow, Mia, and Corbin (Ethan didn't want to come :( )

My nephew Oliver and Mia trying to figure this Easter Egg hunt out.

Mia showing me her prize

Love this picture. Oliver had filled his basket up and was helping Mia. So sweet.

Corbin and Austin showing their finds.

Mia is actually standing in the petting zoo. This would've freaked her out before. Yeah for milestones!!!

Sweet Corbin snuggling with a bunny

The boys petting an Axis deer. They were excited, because we are usually hunting them.

Easter bunny

Sunday morning with the Easter surprises for the kids

The kiddos patiently waiting

Checking out their Easter baskets. I was very intentional this year, with Easter gifts. Got the boys shirts that are bold for Jesus!!!!


                             The cousins at MawMaw and Pawpaw's house before the Easter egg hunt.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mia is Four!!!!!!!

Princess Mia turned four and she LOVED every minute of her birthday. I will try to upload the video of us singing Happy Birthday to her, it will just melt your heart with the complete JOY on her face. She was all about sass today with the many facial expressions, but if you have followed our blog for awhile you may know that Mia has made those faces since China. So Hilarious!!!!!
Our girl is sweet, loving, feisty at times, strong, funny and we couldn't be more happy to celebrate her 4th birthday with her. We love our little princess so much.
Praying that her birth mom who loved her first, and had to make that difficult decision to choose life for her daughter somehow knows that she is so Loved.
We Love you sweet Mia!!!!!!
Her Hello Kitty balloon as big as her

Daddy said we are in trouble. LOL

Hello Kitty cake for our Princess designed by daddy

Sassy girl!!!!

Mia and Mommy (she is always hamming it up)

So is this boy!!!!! Love him

Thursday, April 17, 2014


We are Cabled !!!!!! Praise The Lord!!!!! Next Step is Article Five Drop Off which I am told is about two weeks, then Travel Approval which the agency says 3 to 4 weeks, Consulate Appointment this takes a couple days,  and we can book our flights. We are getting so close.

All our kiddos should be traveling with us, praying for the Lord's provision in this. Joe has a real estate closing in May which is such a blessing. We got our Visas back and the kids were so excited to see them. Oh, and my father in law will be traveling with us too.

Everyone is ready to meet our girl. We cannot wait!!!!!! We are almost there sweet Cora Noel Leggio.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passover Seder 2014

We have been doing a Passover Seder for maybe 6 years now and it is such a blessing to do. Our family looks forward to celebrating it. Thought the Jews didn't know it then, but the Passover that they celebrated every year pointed to the Messiah. It is a beautiful picture of Jesus.
We go through our home and pray that God would reveal any idols that are keeping us from him. For the week just for representation we rid all things with Levening (aka box it up and put it up for the seven days). This represents the sin in our lives. For us it is a fast to focus on the one who saved us from our sin.
Joe grilled lamb and it just melted in your mouth. I love lamb!!!!! and so do the kiddos. It was a yummy dinner and a wonderful celebration of what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross. Our friends the Jordan's joined us again. it just wouldn't be Passover without them.
After Passover there was usually dancing and music, this year the kids danced their hearts out to Dance techno music. It was hilarious and they had so much fun. All the kiddos had a blast.
The table is set

My Leggio Loves

Blair and Joe doing the washing of the hands

Cups held high for the first blessing

Look at those kiddos busting a move

That's my boy!!!!! He takes after his mama. LOL Mia popped in.

Sweet Corbin and Jack Jack


Mia Loves her a dance party

83 years celebrating Papaw Terry

We got to celebrate my Papaw this past weekend. It was his 83rd birthday. I am so blessed that my children have gotten to know him and know the wonderful Papaw he is.
Joe snapped this pic of my papaw

Papaw, Austin and Mamaw at Red Lobster

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I will choose not to Fear

I have to say that lately this little four letter word has creeped into all apsects of my life lately. You may know it your self "FEAR". It can be subtle, and then before you kow it it has taken over it can totally steal your Joy.
First it started with our sweet Cora, and the comments about adopting an older child that I have let come in. Forgetting that God is Soveriegn and has guided our family to our Precious daughter, and how he has worked out all the beautiful details of it.
Then it happened with my kids at home. Am I picking the right curriculum, are they going to follow the Lord, am I being a good mom, etc. also forgetting what God has called me too and to trust him.
I told you that four letter word was sneaky.
God has been so gracious to me these past couple of days and directed me back to his Truth and has shown me what lies the enemy has planted. He brought my to 1 John 4. Oh, how I love how my daddy. God can just bring such peace and joy over me.
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. 1 John 4:18
These words of scripture are written down and on my kitchen table, where I can see God's truth everyday. The enemy will not steal my Joy inside, and I will keep my eyes on my Father. The one who loves and casts out all Fear.
Cora is who God has knit in our hearts and we couldn't be more happier to be adopting her. I can't wait to hug my sweet nine year old.
I also have been burdened for two dear friends in the adoption process. The enemy always tries to still our Joy so he gets the focus. My two sweet friends (you know who you are) God has called you to your children. No diagnosis of health or age changes that sweet friends. We will choose Love not Fear. God will bless each of you and you both are the perfect mother for your daughters. There medical needs are not bigger than our God. Praying for you both.
And for my other dear friend who is waiting to see the child God has for her. You are worthy of a child dear friend. Focus on God's Love not the FEAR of the enemy that has over taken. Love You.
Now to share my blessings with you because I choose to walk in the Joy and Love of Jesus in this moment. We have had a fun week of school so far. We had Leggio Olympic games, and we did math today outside. I wrote each boys math work on our driveway with chalk. They were beyond excited to do math outside. Something so small and easy made their day. Trying to get back to my Joy and love one day at a time. I love my Leggio Loves.
Also, Austin had a piano recital this past weekend. Corbin was supposed to, but told me mommy my tummy doesn't feel good when people watch me (poor baby). Corbin played his song for me all week at home and I am okay with that. I want to meet my kids where they are, just like Christ meets me and gently leads me where I am. It was bittersweet though because Ethan wasn't doing recital either because he has decided after 7 years of Piano that he would like to take mandolin lessons, so that is what he is doing. And he is one happy kiddo playing the mandolin and that is all that matters.
Ms. Beth, Corbin and Austin

Yes, this is how Mia rolls

My Leggio Loves

Austin with his Musical Achievement Award

Onto the Leggio Olympics

Hulu hooping Contest

Bobsledding (Ethan built this)

Flexing his muscles

Grilled Homemade Pizza with my Loves

Math Outside

Mia doing Calculus. LOL

Sweet Boy

Happy to be doing his math test on our driveway