Saturday, February 22, 2014

Peeps in our shirts

This is precious Charlie. She is Rockin our shirts we sold to fundraise for Cora. God connected our paths. She has spent time with our precious girl and knows her. Such a blessing it has been to meet her and talk with her through email. Hoping some day to meet Charlie in the flesh.

If you got your shirt shoot me a selfie, so I can post you rockin our fundraising shirts. Much Love and Blessing to you all who helped with our fundraiser. You helped our family much!!!! Forever grateful to you. An orphan will have a Forever Family soon because of your Love.

We have been doing another fundraiser "Change for China"  Can't wait to share how God has used a sweet family in this. Coming soon!!!!!


Johanna said...

this is so special!!! what a blessing!!!! I wish I had gotten a shirt, please let me know if you do it again!!! love u friend!

likeschocolate said...

Love it!

Shay Ankerich said...

LOVE mine!!! Xoxoxo

Updating My Status... said...

Is there a way to order one of these shirts? I saw April Wright in hers tonight and loved it!