Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Sweet Girl

A family that is in China this week snapped some pictures of our sweet Cora. I was so excited to open my email to these pics. Just seeing her and knowing she is okay helps this process of waiting. Her eyes melt my heart.
Thank you so much Annaleise for Blessing this mama's heart.
So , something we didn't have with Mia was the being able to track where your Dossier is, and at what point of the process it is in now. Mia we just waited until we heard that we had LOA. Now they can track it. Such a blessing as you wait to hear. So, we are out of Translation which is the first step. Three more steps to go for LOA. Praying everything goes well.
She looks so unsure of what is happening,

Her precious little face

Cora and Annaleise (another adoptive mama)

Our Happy Girl!!!!! Daddy is building a playground for the kids as we speak. Looks like she will love it!!!!!


Charlie said...

I love these :) Her hair is so long and I love those bangs!

Johanna said...

Love that precious dear little one!!! So thankful you get to her forever mama!!!!! She is just so beautiful!

Updating My Status... said...

She's SO beautiful! I love her smile!!!