Friday, February 28, 2014

Mia and Cora's Room

We have been nesting over here, well I have, and the hubby has been so sweet with all his little honey do's I have had.
Mia was in a crib until a couple weeks ago. We found these adorable beds on Craigslist. We wanted Mia to get used to the sense that she is going to be sharing a room. I wanted to get her comfortable sleeping in her Big Girl bed for awhile. She is doing good, but she gets up about one to four times a night (but she had already been doing this before the big girl bed).  Trying to meet her where she is at and comfort her as many times as she needs. I have to admit I am dragging in the mornings from interrupted sleep. :)
I am so excited to see a place for our Cora. It helps with the the waiting. We are so ready to meet our girl. Come on LOA!!!!!!
Any advice on what I should buy as far as toys. I don't want to overwhelm her, but I would like to get her a few things that are hers. She is nine, so please feel free to comment on what I get a nine year old sweetie.
My plan is to also get bulletin boards for the girls, and for Cora to have her friends that she has grown up with on the bulletin boards. So it is familiar to her. So if you have adopted one of my sweet girls friends I would Love a picture of them with their new family, so Cora can see them.
Mia on her Big Girl bed.

Got two Princess hangers in case our other Princess wants to play dress up too. :)

Daddy hanging Cora's name on the wall.


Julie said...

Oh, what a fun post!! Love seeing Cora's name on the wall. And those beds are CUTE!! We have Cora's picture on the fridge and will keep praying her home (I'll also pray sweet Mia sleeps through the night ��). Thankful for you!!!

Johanna said...

ooooooh SOOOOOO pretty!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Seeing Cora's name on your wall brings me tears knowing how God sovereignly revealed her to you all! Thankful to pray you thru your journey and praying we get to travel together!!!!

Debbie Sauer said...

Love it! Where did you find the Princess hangers? Perfect! Blessings

Lori said...

LOVE all the bright colors!!! Beautiful room for both girls!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Amber ~ Such a sweet room for 2 Precious Daughters! I wanted to suggest looking at the "Only Hearts Club" dolls. Just go0gle it. The dolls are so cute and lifelike. They are probably about the ages of 9-11 years old. They have fun clothes and the bodies are fabric. Hey, I'm in my 50's and I love them! :)
Praying that your adoption journey falls quickly into place and for Cora's heart, as she transitions into family life.
Blessings from MN. ~ Jo

Shay Ankerich said...

LOVE their room!!! Got some ideas for EC and HM!!! Can't wait to get to China together!!! XOXOXO

Maureen said...

So cute!! Can't wait to see a picture of both of them in there. C'mon LOA!!!