Friday, February 28, 2014

Mia and Cora's Room

We have been nesting over here, well I have, and the hubby has been so sweet with all his little honey do's I have had.
Mia was in a crib until a couple weeks ago. We found these adorable beds on Craigslist. We wanted Mia to get used to the sense that she is going to be sharing a room. I wanted to get her comfortable sleeping in her Big Girl bed for awhile. She is doing good, but she gets up about one to four times a night (but she had already been doing this before the big girl bed).  Trying to meet her where she is at and comfort her as many times as she needs. I have to admit I am dragging in the mornings from interrupted sleep. :)
I am so excited to see a place for our Cora. It helps with the the waiting. We are so ready to meet our girl. Come on LOA!!!!!!
Any advice on what I should buy as far as toys. I don't want to overwhelm her, but I would like to get her a few things that are hers. She is nine, so please feel free to comment on what I get a nine year old sweetie.
My plan is to also get bulletin boards for the girls, and for Cora to have her friends that she has grown up with on the bulletin boards. So it is familiar to her. So if you have adopted one of my sweet girls friends I would Love a picture of them with their new family, so Cora can see them.
Mia on her Big Girl bed.

Got two Princess hangers in case our other Princess wants to play dress up too. :)

Daddy hanging Cora's name on the wall.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Peeps in our shirts

This is precious Charlie. She is Rockin our shirts we sold to fundraise for Cora. God connected our paths. She has spent time with our precious girl and knows her. Such a blessing it has been to meet her and talk with her through email. Hoping some day to meet Charlie in the flesh.

If you got your shirt shoot me a selfie, so I can post you rockin our fundraising shirts. Much Love and Blessing to you all who helped with our fundraiser. You helped our family much!!!! Forever grateful to you. An orphan will have a Forever Family soon because of your Love.

We have been doing another fundraiser "Change for China"  Can't wait to share how God has used a sweet family in this. Coming soon!!!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Sweet Girl

A family that is in China this week snapped some pictures of our sweet Cora. I was so excited to open my email to these pics. Just seeing her and knowing she is okay helps this process of waiting. Her eyes melt my heart.
Thank you so much Annaleise for Blessing this mama's heart.
So , something we didn't have with Mia was the being able to track where your Dossier is, and at what point of the process it is in now. Mia we just waited until we heard that we had LOA. Now they can track it. Such a blessing as you wait to hear. So, we are out of Translation which is the first step. Three more steps to go for LOA. Praying everything goes well.
She looks so unsure of what is happening,

Her precious little face

Cora and Annaleise (another adoptive mama)

Our Happy Girl!!!!! Daddy is building a playground for the kids as we speak. Looks like she will love it!!!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

6 Days and waiting for LOA

DAY 6 of LOA wait
this wait is hard, but so happy to be in the countdown to Cora. While we wait if you could please join us in prayer for God to be preparing our hearts to meet our daughter, and for God to give Cora understanding of her Forever Family and be preparing her heart to meet us.
We are so excited!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Celebrating Ethan!!!!!!

 Yesterday we celebrated our first born Ethan. On January 29th he turned 12!!!!! We had a little family party with grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts. (Pics to come)
But Yesterday our little tribe went out to lunch picked by the birthday boy, and to play lazer tag. We had so much fun celebrating him.
Ethan you bring such Joy to our home, and this mama will never forget how you grew, and grew in my womb. ( Mommy gained 61 lbs with this boy during pregnancy). You are so sweet and so sensitive to listen to the Lord. You have such a gift of prayer Ethan, and I hope that you continue being a prayer warrior for the least of these. 
We Love you more than words can express, and I am so blessed to be you mommy. I want to embrace this time with you sweet Ethan. You are getting so big, so fast.
The tribe in front of Japanese Restaurant Benihana's

Our Family 

Ethan being sang to  Happy Birthday in Japanese!!!!

Oh, How I love this boy

Chef Mia

Chef Corbin

Chef Austin

Onto Main Event for some video game fun

Mom, are you going to take my picture AGAIN. And the Answer is YES.

The Bros before entering Lazer Tag

Daddy and Mia getting ready to play some Lazer Tag