Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thank You From The Bottom of Our Hearts!!!!!!

Thank You so much, for all of you who have prayed and donated to bring Cora home.

With our fundraiser we were able to raise $7,649.00

We are blown away with your love for our daughter and our family. All of you are a part of our Cora's story, and she will know that you were.

I would love, love for all who bought a shirt to send us a picture of you wearing the shirt (the order went out last week and you should have your shirts soon), also if you donated and didn't do the shirt I would love a picture of you too. I am going to make a book for Cora so she knows who loved her home.

We are hoping to have our Docs to China this week. Praying we get Logged In (LID) before Chinese New Year, and after that is the wait for LOA (official Letter of Acceptance form China for Cora) this wait can vary in time and we are praying it is quickly. We have a little extra step because God is writing this story and we had to file an addendum with USCIS for age. Because Cora's age was not on our home study we had to do this. Praying this goes smoothly and swiftly. We don't want Cora to be without her family any longer. We are ready to hold her in our arms.

A smile that melts this mama's heart!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for choosing us to Love this child. Oh, how he knits such love in our family's heart for her.
With Much Love and Gratitude to all of you
 The Leggio Family


Julie said...

I LOVE that picture of your Cora! And praise Jesus for every penny earned from your fundraiser to bring her HOME. What an amazing, amazing success; we give Him glory! Can't wait to get my shirt! ;)

Johanna said...

LOVE HER SMILE!! and wow...thats amazing!! GO GOD GO!!