Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Happenings

Oh my how December got away from me. We have been crazy busy as I know everyone is around the Holidays. All things I had planned such as crafts, and gingerbread houses are still sitting untouched. :( This year for Christmas my parents took our family, my brothers family, and my grandparents on a Disney Cruise. Pics to come soon. So getting ready for that in December was an under taking for me so some of the special things I had planned went out the window.
I did manage to fit a few fun Christmas things in. We decorated the house, went to the Nutcracker Ballet, and had breakfast with Santa.
Well Mia and Santa weren't happening again this year, so you will see noooooo pics of her with the Big Jolly Guy. She thinks he is a Big Mean Santa. LOL She gets very angry when he is around. Maybe next year she will finally warm up to him.
The Ballet was great Mia was on the Edge of her seat for the first whole half of the Ballet. She and the boys got wiggly the second half. I would love to make this a tradtion, at least with Mia and Cora. I don't think we will be getting daddy and the boys back to the ballet. LOL
My Leggio Loves

Love these kiddos bunches

Sweet Corbin and Austin and Santa

Ethan, Corbin, Austin and Oliver (my sweet nephew)

Santa and My Grandpa..........Just Precious

My parents and the Jolly Guy

Yes Joe jumped up on Santa's lap. It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Great Grandmpa and Grandma with the Great Grandchildren

My boys all dressed up for the Ballet

Mia and Mommy at the Ballet

The Family

Sweet Austin

A Hunting We Will Go..............

We have started a tradition in our family. The day after Thanksgiving we head as a family to Rock Springs. Joe's family has property there and that is where we go a hunting!!!!
This year we didn't see a whole lot, but  Daddy and Austin went out the morning we were leaving and he shot a Corsican Ram. He was an excited little boy.

Love the time we spend together as a family. I treasure it all in my heart.
Mia has to keep up with her brothers with her Pink play gun.

Sweet Austin Loves Hunting

The Crew

Austin a very happy hunter!!!!

Austin and Daddy fixing to skin the ram

Mia LOVES driving around in the jeep

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hoping all of you have a Merry Merry Christmas. I have been way behind on blogging, we have been super busy since Thanksgiving and I have so much to post. But for Now wishing you all Christmas Blessings.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Fundraiser Launched !!!!! Project: Love One - FIND FIVE BABY!

Well I am so excited to launch our Find Five Baby Video and shirt sales. Project Love one was so AWESOME to do this for us. I am loving our fundraising shirts. This shows the front and the back of the shirts. Thank you PLO girls for all you are doing. Well folks we need help bringing our sweet Cora Noel Leggio home. You can be apart of the journey, buying a shirt helps HUGE. You will be being the hands and feet to the least of these.
Click this link to buy a shirt for our precious girl. If you do not like shirts you can donate too!!!!
Our fundraiser ends DECEMBER 31st. Also a great idea would be to gift the shirt for Christmas and let them know their shirt is helping be one less orphan in the world.
Thank you all for your prayers, love and support.
Love The Leggio Family
Oh and if you notice a certain back up dancer in camo.........yep that would be this mama ,and a sweet little girl that snuck in the video at the end. LOL