Friday, November 1, 2013

Fundraiser Find 5

We are Fundraising with Project Love One. We have a rap video that is going to hit facebook next week, but if you are feeling lead to help our family they already have the site set up. Soooooo here is the low down. Pick a shirt and click Leggio Family and find 5 other people to buy a shirt too, and these five should find five and so it goes. Or you can leave a donation at the bottom to Leggio Family. Thank you sooooo much for your prayers and support to bring Cora Noel Home.

Go to to help bring Cora Home.

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likeschocolate said...

I love your blog layout! Did you do this yourself? We are waiting for I-800 we are about 8 weeks from traveling to China! Yahoo! I have been eating everything. I have gained about 15 pounds through this process. I am going to start south beach on Sunday in hopes of losing it so the climb on the GW will not kill me!