Sunday, October 6, 2013

Houston Grand Prix

We got to experience the Houston Grand Prix thanks to Grandpa Leggio. Joe's dad is a Senior Captain of Inspection with HFD, and helps run the safety measures for the Houston Grand Prix. This year he wanted the grandkids to experience it too. I have to say I actually had fun, and got a little giddy seeing the cars up close. Television doesn't do it justice. The speed these cars go can only be felt in person. We had great seats and were right across from the pits (where the cars pull in for new tires and repairs.) It was Awesome and we are thankful to Grandpa Leggio for a great day. It was so neat to see all the drivers from all over the world. Just a cool day!!!!!
Entering the Grand Prix

Mia ready to watch some race cars with her ear muffs ( Those cars are LOUD)

Up close to some of the racers and their cars. Being pulled out for the race

R.C. Cola Corbin's favorite

Target My Favorite LOL and he was in the lead.

ABC was Ethan's Favorite he was from Japan

Where they work on the cars before and after the race. Pretty Aamazing the set up they have.

Mommy, Mia and none other than TURBO

Austin and Turbo

In the stands with Joe's dad Grandpa Leggio

Corbin, Austin, Mia and Mommy with an Indy Car

Corbin and turbo

My Leggio Loves

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