Monday, September 23, 2013

Back in the swing of things

We are getting back into the swing of things over here which makes this mama happy. My kiddos do soooooo much better on a schedule ( maybe I do more than my kids) of what is expected of them each day.
 Life this past year moving 4 times (poor Mia moved 5 times counting her move to the states) rocked my world. I learned to try to live in the moment God has you in. Like a good father he always has something to teach us, and for me not liking change this was Huge. I also learned to surrender my circumstances daily over to my Daddy God.
We are back in full swing with school today, and we started with a sweet time in Proverbs with the Lord. Then onto our Calendar for the year. The boys had fun creating their Fall scenes for their calendars, and I thought it was a good start back into school today.
Below starts with a picture of our mantle. It is about the only thing in our home that is in order. Still have stuff in boxes and stuffed leaned against walls waiting to be placed in our home. On our mantle it says Give Thanks and that is how I want to walk everyday. Thankful for all the precious gifts from my Father.
We are hosting a House Church on Wednesday nights in our home. Looking forward to see what God has in store with this. Our church wanted to plant House Churches in different neighborhoods around the areas in hopes to invite the lost into our homes and love and grow in Christ together. We thought this would be good for our children to love people and be hospitable to others and to start training them to have a servants heart. So pray for us as we start this Wednesday and pray for souls to be surrendered and sold out for Jesus.
Our mantle!!!!

Yes that is Mia feet flying in the air, that is how sweet girl rolls

Leggio Loves

Austin Concentrating on his artwork

Miss Mia

Ethan working on his masterpiece

Sweet Corbin

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