Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Fun!!!!

We are having a busy summer over here in Texas. We had to move again.............we were renting our friends little lake house, and it was time for them to have it back for summer. So with our home not finished yet (but very very close) we moved. We should be in our home by August and I am so excited to be settled!!!!!
My hubby and the boys went Bay fishing with another fireman and his son. The boys had so much fun fishing and hanging out with daddy.
And Yesterday we made another zoo trip to our zoo. It was two moms and 10 kids. So Hilarious!!!!!! and Pure Fun!!!!!! I had my 4, Joe's nephew, and our friends daughter. My friend had her 3 and her nephew. It was a fun day. Our zoo had a Lego exhibit of animals and my boys were totally into it. They were really cool!!! There is total picture overload below, just warning you.
Austin with a huge Hermit Crab

Corbin with his Blue Crab he caught

Ethan and his fish

Onto the crew for the day

Sweet Austin

Crawling through the fish tank

All our crew

Austin, Mia and Madison

Austin, Corbin, and Cameron

Corbin and Caden

Splash Pad Fun

Mia and her funny self

They are too funny

Lego Creation

Lego Tiger

Austin and Mia with Lego flamingos


Heather said...

LOVE the video of Mia! And, I must say, you are a brave woman! That is quite the outnumbering on the trip to the zoo. Looks like a fun time!!! Hugs from WI!

Shay Ankerich said...

SO fun!!! Glad your house is almost ready~ will be so wonderful to get settled in soon! LOVE your photos!!! Blessings and love! XO