Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Hydrosphere

Hydrosphere is the water found on earth and that is just what we did today. Last week the boys gathered sand, dirt and small rocks and added water. We froze them to make Glaciers for our experiment this week.
 A Glacier is a Large mass of ice that melts slowly right, the experiment was supposed to prove this to be true and show the minerals a glacier leaves behind when it melts. It did exactly that. Although the boys knew it would melt and move slowly, they were wanting their glaciers to race down the plank and see which glacier would win. Gotta love boys. When we got in the house to write what happened Corbin's observation was IT WENT REALLY SLOW. lol
About to place the Glaciers

                                                                    Glaciers in place

Ummm mom they are slower than we thought


Heather said...

I love the pic of the waiting boys!

And, cute, sassy hair!!!!

Jennifer said...

You're such a good mom!! My boys would LOVE experiments like this! Who am I kidding...they'd probably be teaching me about science at this point! :)

Leggio said...

You crack me up. That's why I have the teacher guide. Lol

jennifer said...

What a fun experiment! Love the "boy" spin on it!! :)