Saturday, May 4, 2013

Circus Birthday!!!!!!!

Whewww, we celebrated our two littles bdays today with friends and family. Corbin turned 7 and little Mia turned 3. It was so fun to celebrate these two blessings. Corbin and Mia are quite the little hams of the family, and are always making us laugh, It was fun to watch Mia enjoy having a birthday party. Last year this time we had only been home a month and she was still so overwhelmed we didn't do a big celebration. This year we had a Circus party and combined it with brother too. Corbin and Mia's bday's are a week apart. :0
So below is wayyyyyyy picture overload, but this is where I try to capture and put our family memories. The kids were having so much fun it was hard not to keep snapping pics.
The Circus Spread LOT'S of SUGAR for Breakfast

Sweet Corbin 7

Princess Mia 3

Mimi the face painter (but everyone wanted their arm painted )

Mia our sweet Love and my nephew Oliver

Lilly, Lauren, and Drew such sweeties

Oh we Love this boy

Mia and Papaw Wow Wow (she calls him that) LOL

Mia and Oli walking the puppy Look at their size Mia 3 and Oli 16 months. She is a peanut!!!!


The Popcorn Helpers

Princess threw a fit because we took the piñata stick away (How dare we do such a thing)

The Angry Clown

Mimi painting arms

The Popcorn line

Just because we love this boy so much

Mia and her first Pinata, SOOOOO glad she is home this year

Live Angry Clown Pinata

Happy Birthday Corbin

Mia with the present Uncle Mike got her (granite he is single and picked this out on his own)

Balloon Love

Great Mamaw and Papaw

Oliver having a turn at the Pinata


likeschocolate said...

Love the tickets for decoration!

Jennifer said...

What a CUTE party!! Once again, I'm impressed..:)
Happy Belated Birthday to your littles!!

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a fun party!!! The photo of the little crying fit... exactly like Evie. :) Precious!!! Happy birthday to your sweet one!!