Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Happenings

Well so far it has been a busy weekend. We had 3 extra littles Friday and Saturday, Joe had the first part of his Sr. Captains test today and I took 7 kiddos to Piano recital. LOL We kept our friends kiddos for them while they were out of town on business bringing the total in this house to 7 kiddos. It was kinda funny today cooking breakfast for the masses with 6 boys and Princess. Joe was off this morning looking so handsome for the first part of his Sr. Captains test for HFD. I am so proud of him and know he is going to do great. I had to snap a couple pics of him because I never get to see him in a suit and he looked so handsome. He usually is in a Houston Fire Department Uniform. We laid hands and prayed over daddy this morning. Then I was off to take the 7 kiddos to Piano Recital. Corbin got stage fright and wouldn't perform, but my other two did do their recital. Below are some pics of the recital. Poor Corbin worked so hard on his song, but he was shaking and his lip was quivering with fright. Maybe next year. :)
My Handsome Hubby

The crew after we laid hands to pray over Daddy and Uncle Joe as he is known with our friends kids

Ms. Beth with my boys and the Jordan boys

Ms. Beth our Piano Teacher and My Loves

Sweet Ethan

Austin and Little Miss

Corbin and Miss Beth

Papaw and Mimi and corbin and Mia

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Special Princess Turns 3!!!!!!!

Our sweet baby girl Turns 3!!!!!! Wow what a year this has been with her, it has been amazing to watch her grow and blossom into our spunky and sweet little Mia who is always loving on us and telling us she loves us. Oh, and it just melts this mama's heart to hear.
This time last year we had not even been home a month when we celebrated her 2nd birthday. I can't believe that it has been a year since bringing our princess home. She brings such joy to our home. We did a little family celebration today with Pink Hello Kitty Ballon and Pink Cupcakes and dinner at Nit Noi (yummy). She was all about the cupcake!!!!!! We love you baby girl!!!!!!
Mia is doing GREAT developmentally and her speech has really increased the past couple of months. She is a girl that knows what she wants and will let you know if it is not happening. Mia is also so, so, so, sweet and is very loving to her family. I know some of you know that Mia's special need was Growth and Developmental Delay, if you have any questions about this special need we would love to share our experience with you.
Yeah my cupcake!!!!!


Our Happy Girl

Finger Licking Good

Just Too Cute

Digging In

Sunday, April 21, 2013

State Park Fun!!!!!!!

Okay, you can say I had so much fun with my new camera today. My kids finally were begging me to stop. LOL But it was fun to play with all the settings on it for a bit.
 We had a fun day at the State Park. We are very much an outdoor family and love hiking, and picnics, riding bikes, and such. It was such a beautiful day here in the Lonestar state and the perfect day to play outside. Love these moments with my family.
My fisherman

Princess Mia

Ethan and Corbin

The Fishermen

The princess and her daddy

My Love

Playing Tag

Mommy and Ethan after an exciting game of kickball

My sweet boy

Oh Yes.........she is such a mess


Daddy Love

Mia and Mommy

Those eyes always melt me

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Science Museum

We went to the Science Museum this week with my friend Amber and her two littles. We had a fun day together and the kids enjoyed all the hands on learning at the Science Museum. There was a lot there, and I love that I get to point it all back to God with my kids (from Dinosaurs to the Theory of Plate Tectonics). It is so much fun and I hope it grows their Faith in God.............I know it grows mine. I marvel at all of his wonders and every detail he thought of about the earth from the beginning.
I got a new camera and I am still trying to figure our how to use it. It is a lot more camera than I am used to and does a whole lot more. Also if anyone knows a good photoshop that would be handy for me to use please comment below. :) Thanks in advance. Below is a lot of pics because I was trying to figure out my camera. LOL I was having a hard time to get my pics to look good in the dark inside lighting.
My friend Amber and Elisha
Corbin, Ethan, Ashlynn, Austin, and Mia

My Boys

Some very interesting bugs !!!!!!!

Butterflies coming out of their cocoons

Loved this Black and White Butterfly

Playing wiith my camera

My sweet boy and a butterfly he found

Ethan and his Petrified wood

Mission control

The Princess of the family

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Secret Agent Man Turns 9

Our Secret Agent Man Turned 9. Wow............You are going to probably be tired of me saying how time flies and these sweeties are growing up way to fast for this mama. We were sooooo excited to celebrate Austin Secret Agent Style. We had bombs, Truth Serum (bottled Water), Memory Eraser Pills (Hot Tamales), Lazer Beams and a Secret Agent Video Mission. This party was so fun to do and all the kiddos had a blast.
Austin is our precious middle son, he has such a precious sweet heart and is very, very close with Mia. They have a special bond those two. :) He is such a bright boy and is so sensitive and caring to others around him. He begs for another sister from China to love. :) Oh, this boy melts my heart. Happy Birthday Austin.
That sweet smile melts this mama's heart

The Birthday Cookie Cake

Our Birthday Boy!!!!!

The Secret Agent Crew


Mommy and her Boy

Me, Austin and Daddy

The Laser Beams!!!!!

Mia wanted in on the Spy Action Too

Our Secret Agents

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh my!!!!!

Well the night before Easter we were in the ER with little miss. She was playing in the bath tub and busted open her chin on the side of it. We thought all was well with derma bond glue and butterflies but Mia didn't take to them and ripped them off when I was out of sight. Sooooo today we are headed to the Doc to get stitches, which I am not looking forward too. And this mama thinks she picked up a present in the ER waiting room ( I have fever, cough, and body aches). So I have an appointment today too. Praying hubby and boys stay healthy.