Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zoo Day

Thursday morning we got up and I surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo. It was the perfect spring day and all the animals were out and they were a little frisky, which makes for a great zoo day. We were standing watching the Tiger and he roared a couple of times which will send chills down your spine. Imagine meeting that big guy in the forest. Mia loved the zoo and bounced around naming the animals she new. So sweet. I am sorry for my iPhone pics lately it is just way to easy. Lol


Heather said...

A zoo day in March, sigh, looks like bliss! Here in Wisconsin we still have feet (FEET) of snow and it has been in the 20's still. Longing for warmer weather and green grass and tree buds (all in God's timing, I know).

What a fun surprise for your kiddos! Mia looks super sweet, as always. How is she doing with her earrings? Oh, how I have been tempted to get Nora's ears pierced (the comments of "your little boy is so cute" is driving me crazy!).

Happy Weekend!

Shay Ankerich said...

What an awesome surprise and yay for our phone photos!!! I LOVE easy!!! Blessings!