Friday, March 1, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet

The Boys had there Big Blue and Gold Banquet Awards Ceremony and Dinner for the year with our Den. All my boys made rank and I am so proud of them. Ethan made Webelo 1 and got pins and belt loops too, Austin made Bear and Got beads, belt loops and pins, and Corbin made Tiger Rank and got beads and pins. Scouting has been good for my boys, even though we do a lot of the outdoors stuff already the boys love having and doing stuff with their Den and love getting the recognition for completing something.
The banquet theme was different era's..........we had Creation and Dinosaurs, 1960's Space Expedition, 1800's Wild West, and Medieval themes going on. So all the kids had to work on centerpieces for the tables and the moms had to brain storm some ideas to add to. Needless to say with three boys doing a different theme there were many trips to Hobby Lobby for this momma. But all the boys Den's earned prizes for different themes and all there Den's are getting Ice Cream Parties and Ethan gets a Pizza Party on top of that too.
It was a GREAT night, but this mommy was soooo tired come 9:30 because I had been at the Church since a little before 2:00. There aren't any pics of little bit because she was at her end of being at the Church and had had enough. LOL
There are ALOT of pics below.

Austin with his Collage

My Bear, Tiger and Webelo

Drew and Corbin

Cam and Ethan

Ethan getting to carry the Colors

He was so excited and we were proud parents

The Tiger Den (Corbin is at the far Right with a Bandanna and cowboy hat)

The Bear Den (Austin is the 3rd from the Right with his Dino hat)

The Webelos.........They were Hilarious( It was 1960's so we had Astronauts, Soldiers, Hippies, and ELVIS)

Daddy and his Tiger

Austin and My Grandpa and Austin's Great Grandpa

Daddy and his Bear

Daddy and his Webelo

Mommy and her Boys

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Shay Ankerich said...

Hello~ Loved reading your blog today and getting to know you a little bit. Your family is beautiful!!!