Monday, February 25, 2013

Kit Kat Stonehenge and Toilet Paper Mummies

We are really enjoying this semester of school. We are using Mystery of History Creation to the Greeks and are having so much FUN!!!!! It is from a Biblical perspective, Classical and Chronological, and it also has book lists to enrich and hands on activities which we are enjoying as a family.
Last week we made Kit Kat Stonehenge's (they got gobbled up soon after), and today I made my children mummies after we studied Early Egypt. Love this precious time with my kids and making fun memories.

Austin and his Kit Kat Stonehenge

Corbin and his Stonehenge

Ethan's Stonhenge ( I think he started eating it already LOL)

My two littlest mummies Corbin and Mia

Ethan wrapping Austin

My mummies and Mia broke out of hers. LOL

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likeschocolate said...

How fun! Moments like that make me want to home school too! Who knows someday I just might.