Friday, February 8, 2013

In all our spare time

Needless to say life has been CRAZY busy around here still. I tried to reevaluate our days and it seems to still be busy. I guess this is just where the Lord has us right now. Life with four kiddos and homeschooling, Cub Scouts, Piano, my hubby is is Hazmat School with the fire department and studying for his Sr. Captains test and yes we are crazy we a building too. LOL
Building has been a SLOW SLOW process..........who new. We honestly didn't think we were going to build yet. We have been praying and praying for God to guide us and after 5 offers on houses and being out bid on all of them, we asked God do you want us to build. So this is the direction that we are going. Always praying that we are in the Lord's will and direction. We know one thing we do want our new home to be used for ministry, whether it is sharing our adoption story with people, hosting orphans, loving on the widow, having a small group,  or reading God's word and worshipping with our kids. We want it to be all for HIM!!!!!!!! We are still looking for a church home too, which has been so discouraging for us. I know God has the place where we can worship him as a Family. :)
Well we are building on 3 acres (and me being the social butterfly I am am and needing to be near civilization) the three acres is in a neighborhood tucked away but close to everything. My parents so graciously bought two 3 acre tracts and gifted us one which was a HUGE blessing and that is one of the reasons we are able to build. :) Below are some pics of us finishing up the clearing process. The kiddos are in LOVE. My boys are some hunting and fishing outdoors men and so is my hubby so this fits our family great.

Burning the Huge Brush Pile (About 1 acre of cleared trees and brush)

Still burning.........Oh yes we were out there until almost midnight

The Hard workers

Mia loves the camera.......Can you tell

Yes those are Pink John Deere boots............I couldn't resist and she is totally dirty and loving it

The boys showing me their fort in the woods

Austin showing me his fort

Smoky I know but Corbin was jumping up and riding this tree.............I was so worried it was going to come back and pop him in the face. He is my fearless one


Ethan said...

WOW! What a HUGE blessing, 3 acres! Thats what I am praying for, we want to move somewhere (still close to a walmart) that has a place for kids to run and explore!! COngrats!! I love Mia's expressions in the pics! so cute!

Johanna said...

oh dear! I accidently commented under my son's blogger account! LOL
Just in case you were wondering who it was! ha!

jennifer said...

Holy moly! I love all of Mia's faces! She cracks me up!!!