Thursday, February 21, 2013


Exhausted is what I am.................Mia our Amazing and Precious China Blessing took a Huge leap backwards last week. We went from seeing this happy little girl to this angry, and scarred little girl again. Our little Mia started regressing and doing things she did in China holding her head down, twisting her fingers up, yelling at us, very very emotional. Needless to say the past week was hard on top of regular things and trying to figure out what triggered this backstep. As I talked to other adoptive mama's (because I thought I was loosing my mind) they said as Gotcha Day approaches adoptive children can regress and not even know they are doing it. (Wheww (Mia;s Gotcha Day is March 17th) And as this week has come the days are getting better and I can she our little girl coming back again.
These precious babes have had something broken in their lives and even though they are little, they are mighty little warriors. It breaks my heart to think the sadness that overcame Mia last week, and the anger and hurt we saw in her. To know that she knows what abandonment is and the hurt from that and knowing that she already built walls around her heart . I just want to scoop her up and hold her and cry with her. As her mommy I don't want her to hurt and it just breaks my heart. Praying that the Love of her Heavenly Fathers fills her beyond measure and heals the hurt in her precious little heart.


likeschocolate said...

Hope the days get better and that these behaviors will be soon something of the past.

Paige said...

I will be praying for you and sweet Mia. It is a hard but so worthwhile road to travel. Madeline has regressed many times over the years to a point that I thought she would not be ok but our God has seen fit to help her little soul. She is so much better than she was in the past. Hang in there!!!

Heather said...

So thankful for your honesty and so thankful for this little bloggy community where we can learn on and lean on one another! Many prayers for you and your sweet family as you move through this phase!

DiJo said...

Sending you a hug... Like Paige and many others I have so been there.. Two nights ago in fact!!!! And, with someone who has been home much longer than Mia!!!! Just continue to let her know that you will love her no matter what... Even on her toughest days! The blessing is she has a family that loves her unconditionally to forgive her and pick her up again! I can't believe it's almost been a year!!!! Praying each day brings a happy and joyful Mia!!!