Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can it be that he is 11!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness how fast time goes with your children. It seems just like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with my sweet Boy as first time parents. This was a hard birthday for me yall, my little man isn't so little anymore. He is growing and learning and making mistakes (which are hard to watch for this mama bear) which are shaping him into the man God wants him to be.
Ethan has a tender and sweet heart. He doesn't like watching people hurt, hungry or fatherless. He prayed Mia home so hard and stood with me in prayer before we started the adoption process that God would make away for us to be able to do adopt. :) I feel honored to be his mommy and love watching him grow (sniff sniff). My hope and prayer for you son is to be the man of God he is calling you to be. Slow to anger and gentle in Spirit. Love you my precious Boy.

We decided to celebrate Ethan Big this year. We had scaled back to family parties, but this was a big birthday for him. :) So we hit it Texas style and went to the Ice Skating Rink...........The theme went along with the 70 degree weather. We had a Hawaiian Luau at The Ice Skating Rink with Family and Friends. So Fun to watch him enjoying his birthday.

My Boy 11

My Second Born Austin (his birthday coming soon)

My third baby Corbin

Daddy hanging with the boys

Lilly so adorable

Drew is too cute and one smart cookie ( I taught him in Co Op)

Nora (Oh I love this sweetie)

Collin such a sweetheart

Lauren is precious

Kyle LOL not thrilled I am taking his pic

Ethan celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paige said...

Happy birthday Ethan!!!