Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well peeps we did it and oh I am out of shape. LOL I need to start running again and I have my motivation back. Running for the orphan is good motivation for me. My sweet hubby joined me this time and he could have easily left me in the dust today, but he stayed with me sarcastically I mean encouraging me to push through. I have never trail ran before and it was tougher than my half marathon. All the tree stumps and holes and hills to climb. But I finished and that was all that matters and I am going to run again in April for the orphan.

Us before we left (Gotta love the toys everywhere)

Joe looking pretty in Spandex

We finished

Love my hubby


Jennifer Newberry said...

Amazing! Proud of y'all!!

Halie Pigott said...

So proud of you both!!!!!

jennifer said...

I am so impressed!! Good job!!