Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Special Visit

We were blessed to have a Special visit from Jennifer , we got to meet them on our way back from Disney World in February before we traveled to meet Miss Mia. When we started the adoption process I stalked the Internet trying to find all the information on China adoption that I could. I met Jennifer through this process and she was just so sweet and answered so many of my questions. I really love how God orchestrates friendships through this wonderful adoption community.
One Crazy thing is Jennifer's husband's parents live in the same town as us, and even Crazier we used to live around the corner from them before we sold our home in August.
It was so neat to see her girls and how they had grown soooo much since February. They have a sweet family and Mia Loved her boys. She really took to Bryce and it was just precious. :)

The Girls!!!!!

Mia's new buddy. ( Wish we lived closer)

Jennifer and Mia (don't you love my sassy girls look)


Julie said...

What a special meeting, indeed! Love that it worked out to meet a sweet friend who blessed you during the adoption process. Love those connections!!

Mia has grown and blossomed so much! And yes, I love her sassy face. What a cutie!

likeschocolate said...

How wonderful!

Jennifer said...

I love how we all find each other an connect in the bloggy world! I hope we finally get to meet when y'all come in Feb! Keep me updated on that!

Paige said...

I just love this bloggy world too!!! Such neat women and friends out there!!!! Love Mia's sassy look with Jen haha!!!

Jennifer Newberry said...

We need a "family reunion" once I get our little miss!!

Kristi said...

It's so fun when you meet a blog friend in real life!