Friday, December 7, 2012

No Hands But Ours

If anyone thinking of adopting especially waiting children with special needs this is a GREAT resource to connect with other families that have adopted children with different special needs and also has great advice and other blogs to go to. I just love how the Bloggy world especially adoption Bloggy world is such the hands and feet of Jesus. You can click HERE to go to the No Hands but Ours website.

I am soooooooo behind in blogging and posting, we have been very busy over here at the Leggio house. I have had to be better at prioritizing our days and giving our days to God.

One AWESOME thing that is happening is One of my best friends is getting two little girls today ( one and two year old sisters.) They got the call last night and they are so excited and nervous. They are adopting domestically from Little Footprints. You can see there blog HERE, she hasn't put anything on their about the girls yet, but they are jumping from 3 boys to plus 2 little girls overnight. :)

Hope everyone has a GREAT and BLESSED weekend.


Luciana said...

Oh how sweet. I wish them a beautiful and smooth transition. Looking forward to reading about it.

Jennifer said...

Wow 2?...So exciting!!! I hear ya about the craziness! Seems to be even crazier around the holidays. Hope y'all are all doing well!