Friday, December 21, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

Joe's family have a 1000 acres in West Texas that we hunt. We finally have our own place to stay now with a toilet, shower, and kitchen. I do not like camping unless you have the previous. LOL The boys love going and it has started to be a family tradition since I started to like hunting last year. :) We took little bit with us for her fist hunting experience and she had a ball running around.
All my boys shot a deer. Austin (8) shot is first deer a Spike, Corbin (6) shot his first deer a 5 point, and Ethan (10) shot his second 8 point. I ws so proud of them. :)
Ethan (10) with his 8 point

My Baby Boy Corbin with his 5 point (First Deer)

Austin (8) with his first deer 
After we hiked the mountain. Taking a pic at the top

Showing what they are made of. Little Cuteness on Daddy's back.

Me pointing to what we just had climbed.


Johanna said...

WOW!!! That deer is HUGE!! How proud he must have felt!!!!

jennifer said...

LOVED seeing you last night and meeting Miss Mia!!! You have such a sweet family :)