Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am Running!!!!!!! Say What???

Yes you heard me who just started training this month (because my very sweet hubby bought me a treadmill) are Running in a half marathon. LOL What you say for............Well for the Orphan of course. I am running in the Chosen Marathon to help raise adoption funds for My Dearest Friend Alicia who is adopting a child from the streets of Houston. They do not yet know who the child is yet, but we are standing with them and praying with them for this child that will get GREAT parents hopefully soon.

I have to say I have met some of the most sweetest people through Mia's Adoption and I want to Thank some of you who I have met through Blog world for praying Mia home. Now I stand in the gap for BABY JORDAN. If you feel compelled to donate to the Marathon you can donate to TEAM JORDAN and proceeds will go to help Blair and Alicia bring their son or daughter or sibling group home. They are willing vessels for how God wants to add to their family.

Also I know I am a slacker for not doing my 6 month post, I had pics scheduled and they got postponed so hopefully very soon I will get some family pics and some updates on our sweet girl. Headed to the Doc with her November 1st.......praying praying no fetal hemoglobin in her blood. I will tell you one thing she is 22lbs. Can you believe it!!!!!! My failure to thrive daughter that looked like an infant when we got her ( Who was a month away from being two) was the size of a 9 month old and her foot was the size of a 3 month old. She has a little milk belly and a tiny hiney. :) Mia has a very long torso and these little legs.........just to cute.  Oh and her favorite words continue to be NO and MINE!!!!!! All day long this is what I get told. Oh MY MY MY. :) She is just a little spoiled and has to be the center of attention. :0 My boys so give in to her all day, and so does daddy. We need another little girl to even this out. :) Blessings to all and I hope you have a GREAT weekend.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spreading The Joy "Ivy"

Ivy is in need of a Life Saving Surgery Click Here to find out how you can help this precious family and follow their story Here .

                                                   Spread the Joy