Sunday, September 2, 2012


We are moved...................and I am so wore out. We moved ourselves with the help of some of my hubby's fire crew. Below is a picture of our home we are selling..............see those stairs. Well the gun safe had to come down those stairs and so did everything else. LOL The brave fireman tackled the job.

Our very sweet sweet friends are letting us rent there lake house until we decide what we are doing. To build or not to build that is the question???? We have three acres we wanted to build on, but I don't know..........we may buy something already built. Any Advice please feel free to tell me if you have built before or not. The market here seems to have picked up because we have made 4 offers and have gotten out bid.

For now we are here at the Lake house and the kids have been fishing and canoeing and LOVE IT!!!!!! Don't have great pics but just a few. Mia will be six months home on the 19th of September. I will do a 6 months home post in a couple weeks. Hopefully with some fun pics.

The stairs of our casa

The Crew going down the stairs with the gun safe. Oh My!!!!!

Sweet girl and yes she is still in her jammies!!!!!

The view from our porch

The boys itching to go fishing but I just had to snap a pic of them


Jolene said...

No advice...we sure hope to move in a few years and build but we want mucho acreage (10+ acres)!

Hope the house sells quickly!

Julie said...

Your house you are selling is GORGEOUS. Is it sad to leave? I'm sure the kids are loving the lake house. That will make some for some fun memories during the transition period btw houses. Can't wait to read Mia's 6 month post! Can't believe she has been home half a year already. :0)

Johanna said...

wow!! Such a wonderful place to stay the view!

Luciana said...

Congrats on your move. Enjoy where you are now while you can- it looks wonderful and peaceful.
*Mia looks so big already.*

Jennifer said...

Wow!! What a nice home..and VIEW!! Y'all may not want to move any time soon..haha We thought we wanted to build but then this house popped up! Sounds like houses are moving fast there!
Enjoy that lake!