Friday, September 14, 2012

Lake Life and Pig Tails

Well we are enjoying Lake Life for now and continue looking for houses on top of the busy schedule that we are doing this year with homeschooling. We have Spanish on Tuesdays, Piano on Wednesdays, Thursdays we are in a Co Op where the kids take Critical Thinking, Language Arts, Bible and Apologia Science from 9:30-2:30 and I teach Pre K and Kinder Language Arts Class in the morning than I get to peaceful 2 hours to my self (Well with Mia and me :) ). Then it is off to Cub Scouts at 4:00.....................yes all the boys are in Cub Scouts for the first time Ethan is a Webelo, Austin is a Bear and Corbin is a Tiger. They Love Love it so far. So on top of that we have field trips, and our stuff for cub scouts and church. I can't believe how busy our year has gotten but in the crazy business I find such Joy. I am watching my kids grow right before my eyes into the men and little girl God wants them to be and I am overwhelmed God would allow me to be their mommy. I love every minute I get to watch these little ones grow. What a blessing from the Lord. Just a few pics to share and a pic of baby girl with her first pig tails.

                                           My Sweet Austin who is 8. He is such a good brother


                                          Cameron and My Sweet Boy Ethan who is 10 on the Paddle Board

Morning Bed Head and that precious smile

And yes it is PIG TAILS!!!!!

Short and Sticking Straight Up Pig Tails. Love It!!!!!!!


Luciana said...

Oh soooo cute those pigtails.
How do you do it? Busy busy life.
Are you superwoman? ;)

Paige said...

LOVE the pig tails!!!

Johanna said...

oh those pig tails are the CUTEST things ever!!!!!! Tahlia never keeps hers in, hopefully one day when she has more hair and it wont be so easy to slip them out!
Looks like you have a fun and busy week! Isnt it funny how the challenge with homeschooling is staying home long enough to homeschool! LOL
So glad you are in a co-op, I love having that break in my week!
Thanks for the updates, love seeing the on the lake seems just lovely!

Jennifer said...

LOVE those piggies!!! You are a busy supermom! I'm impressed with your ability to keep up with it all! Tips would be appreciated:) Enjoy that lake living..looks wonderful!