Friday, September 28, 2012


Somebody in all who cuteness got her ears pierced today. Yes she cried but only for a bit and she is oh so happy about her earrings. I have been hearing earrings, earrings for weeks now so we finally did it.

Oh................and on a different note we have found a house. Yeah!!!!! It is a short sale so we are waiting on the bank to approve or counter what we offered. Really love the location and the house and hoping we get it. :) And it is right around the corner from our friends who adopted from China about 5 years ago. :)

I am still behind on her 6 months home, so for now these pics will have to do. I am planning on getting some pics made in all my free time. LOL She is doing great and talking more and more each week. She has started to cry for me which is good for our bonding purposes. The boys Love Love her and want another sister form China. So sweet. We are still struggling with her getting overwhelmed in new places. We went on a field trip yesterday and she melted down on and off the whole day, it has thrown her mood off today too. :) We go to the doctor again in November to check to see if there is still fetal hemoglobin in her blood. Praying that it is all gone. Other than that developmentally she is coming along great talking ALL DAY, sings to herself all day too. Runs and walks everywhere. She is very independent. Loves to tell me NO and MINE. Oh my we are definitely a 2 year old. She is a very spunky girl that is for sure and will let us know when she is not happy. She loves to be read too and loves to play tea party. :)

Wednesday I was trying to read aloud our missionary story to the boys and I had to read over Mia singing the whole time. It was quite Hilarious.


Love that hair and those earings. LOL

Her ears are so tiny you can barely see them. LOL


Paige said...

oh my she is so very precious!!!!

Johanna said...

awwwwww, LOVE LOVE the earings!! Gosh, she is SO ADOrABLE!! Congrats on the new house!! And, I know what you mean about the "no" and "mine" stage....LOL, 2 yo's for sure! Can't believe its been 6 months. And, so glad to hear that the bonding process is making great strides...what an answer to prayer!! Love the pics!!

Luciana said...

The cutest, teeniest little ears :-)

Kim said...

I am going to highlight this in my bible right now if it is not already! Such a beautiful family! Love, Kim