Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Visit to the Country

We went yesterday to visit GP and GG in the country. The boys all of them (including daddy) Love going out to the country. GP and GG have a bunch of acreage and two fishing ponds to keep this crew happy all day. One fun thing for me was my sweet hubby built me a custom AR-15 and it was my first time to shoot it. Last year was my first year to hunt by myself and I took down a Corsican Ram. I thought I would feel bad about it because I grew up in California and we didn't grow up hunting, but I loved it. Also I have some great organic meat that tastes like Lamb. :) I also figure to hang with all my boys I needed to learn how to hunt and shoot. I know our girl will too. LOL She is so girly yet she is so quick to grab one of the boys swords and wack you with it. :)

A Video of me shooting my gun for the first time.

Corbin caught this bass all by himself

Me and My Gun

Daddy, Princess, and The Boys

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Alicia said...

Love it! You rock girlfriend!! Scared of you :)