Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Okay now no judging my messy, crazy house that I am trying to pack up while chasing my little toddler around and trying to do school with my boys. Chaos is what it is over here. LOL And our sweet little princess likes to help me pack. Everytime I turn around there is some sippy cup or toys thrown in my boxes I am packing. :) And for the boys I can't even get the boxes put together before they are building forts with them. Ahhh to be a kid.  Oh and did I mention we haven't found a house yet. :) I know God is totally in control of even this and I hold to that.

Corbin and Ethan making forts with boxes

Happy Campers

That Smile

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Visit to the Country

We went yesterday to visit GP and GG in the country. The boys all of them (including daddy) Love going out to the country. GP and GG have a bunch of acreage and two fishing ponds to keep this crew happy all day. One fun thing for me was my sweet hubby built me a custom AR-15 and it was my first time to shoot it. Last year was my first year to hunt by myself and I took down a Corsican Ram. I thought I would feel bad about it because I grew up in California and we didn't grow up hunting, but I loved it. Also I have some great organic meat that tastes like Lamb. :) I also figure to hang with all my boys I needed to learn how to hunt and shoot. I know our girl will too. LOL She is so girly yet she is so quick to grab one of the boys swords and wack you with it. :)

A Video of me shooting my gun for the first time.

Corbin caught this bass all by himself

Me and My Gun

Daddy, Princess, and The Boys

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We had homemade lasagna last night and our little girl LOVED It!!!! She had two bowl fools. Just had to share because you know as parents we always think what our kids do is to cute. LOL

Friday, August 3, 2012

Splash Pad Fun

We had dinner with our sweet friends the Ronsman Family. God placed them in our lives at the perfect time and they are just such a precious family. After dinner we headed to the Splash Pad to have some fun. It was little bits first time and she was too cute. :)

I still haven't posted vacation yet. I am so behind. We have been crazy busy and I know everyone else has been too. Oh and did I mention our house is in escrow and we are supposed to close the 23rd. Oh my goodness, and to we have no idea where we are moving. LOL We were going to build on our 3 acres but trying to decide if that is what The Lord wants us to do. We are going to look at houses tomorrow and try to decide what's best for our family. We want to be God honoring with our decision. I hope everyone is having an awesome summer.

Our Kiddos and the Ronsman Kiddos

Lilly, Mia, and Nora

Mia and Nora

Ethan, Mia, and Austin splashing around

Nora, Mia, and Lilly

I Love this pic of our girls together melts my heart!!!!!!
They are such sweet sweet girls.