Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Little bit of Whimsy

I wanted a little bit of whimsy and creativity in this home of ours. Where my kids can express themselves and use the gifts God has given them. So I went out to the local Hobby Lobby and bought some Mason Jars, Hemp Rope, and Old Fashioned Tags and then I found this funky blue Milk Crate. I labeled all of the kids goodies Art Pencils, Paint Brushes, Beads, Jewels, Markers, Feathers, Buttons and Pipe Cleaners and put the jars all in the Milk Crate. Then I took Hemp and draped it across the corner of our ceiling and using clothes pins displayed some of their latest art. :)

All this started as I was thinking how next school year was going to look. There is going to be a lot of reading, snuggling and creativity. :) I have been trying to model our school around everyone else and it just doesn't work for us. I want to hone in on my kids gifts and run with it. I am really big on reading good literature to my kiddos, they can pick up a good vocabulary by being read too rich good books. Anywho.............I am sooooo excited about this year. I haven't felt so joyful about school in a long time. I also Love Love what I am using for Bible, and Science.

One thing God has really put on my heart is that I want my kids to be free in Jesus. Free to worship, Free to Dance like David, Free to Pray and lay hands on the sick. I want my kids to learn to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This is Joe and my heart too. To walk in closeness and in the Spirit with our Daddy God. I am just excited about it. I don't want to settle and I don't want my kids to settle either. I want them to learn to walk in the same power and closeness as the disciples healing, speaking prophecies, praying, dancing. Loving on God's Peeps.................... Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the Milk Crate with my Jars and Art Goodies

The Art Corner I want to attach an industrial looking shelf to have art books and art paper.

Our Art Display. Hemp Rope and Clothes pins. :)

This is my next center, and industrial basket that is going to hold wooden blocks.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Month Debut

I can't believe it has been three months since we brought little bit home. In some ways it seems like she has always been here with us, and in other ways I look back on this three months and are amazed at God's goodness and just how far she has come. She is such the little entertainer and has us laughing all the time.
I just snapped a couple of pics off her after her bath. That little face melts this mama's heart. If you think about us please pray for her...........She had a little something show up on her blood work. We talked with the doctor and she didn't act too concerned and said we will check it in 6 months. her Hemoglobin F was off (that is your fetal hemoglobin). I don't want to even type the scary things that come with it. I am beleiving that she is GREAT!!!!!! She acts just fine and is developing wonderfully. she is on about an 18 month level now which was a huge jump from the 12 month level when we brought her home. For those that don't know Mia is 26 months old and her Special Need was growth and developmental delay.
We got to see a couple we traveled to China with this past week. Pics to come soon. Mia was sooooo excited to see Ya Ya and Mia knew who she was even with her lip revision. These girls are Gansu sisters from the same orphanage. Mia used to cry for Ya Ya a lot. So precious to get them together and see them interact.

Mia loves the camera!!!!! The minute I get it out she is saying Cheese.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Where Have I Been

Well folks I brought the blog back up again. I needed to take it down for my fast and try to focus on God and my family during that time. Well we have been CRAZY busy as I know everyone is. I thought summer was suppossed to be chill. We have had a whole lot of busy, a little overwhelmed, some fun together as a family, visiting with friends and family thrown in the mix. I hope all is well with all of you. I know I was getting emails from my family in California. We are here just a busy season. I found to that I was already forgetting stuff that happened, and my blog is a good way to document all our family adventures. :) I hope all of you are having a HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! I have a ton of pics to post will do that soon.