Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For a Season

Well, I feel like I need to unplug from blog world for real this time. The Lord is convicting me that I need to unplug from bloggy world and plug in to what is around me............my four precious kiddos. I just can't seem to balance it all. When I log onto my blog I want to see what everyone else is doing and before you know it I have spent hours on the computer ignoring the little people that are oh so present in my life. (Good thing I am not on facebook) LOL  I realize I won't get this time back with them, and I want to be a mom that is loving and patient and plays................not the one who is annoyed because they are interrupting my computer time.
I think my blog has been awesome to keep family and friends updated on what is going on in this crazy house, but I think for now my season of blogging is over.
I thank all of you who have been such an encouragement to our family, who took time to answer adoption questions. I hope I was that to the people following my blog too. You are wonderful sisters in Christ and I love how adoption just opens up doors to meet amazing women of Faith. It has been a huge blessing in my life. Maybe we will plug back in to bloggy world if we adopt again, but for now I am going to be an ever present daughter to the King Most High, wife and  mommy. :)
Another thing is that it is hindering my walk with the Lord. I am not in my word near as much as I used to be and I need to be. I crave that time with my Father but sometimes the blog has trumped that. In saying that sometimes I think for me it is an idol. I don't want that to be. I want a relationship with my Daddy God to be ever present too.
If you have an questions about adoption or AWAA or  you need prayer or just want to check in just email me.
Blessings to all and I hope you have an awesome summer.


a blog full of weldons. said...

i think you are so wise :) much love to you dear friend! wish i could walk nextdoor and have a chat while the kids play :) i bet emery and mia would get along so well! i still have something i want to send to you, i if i can EVER get my act together! we moved this past weekend i nearly lost my sanity. now in bed, forgetting about all the boxes :) much love to you!

Julie said...

I agree with Angie: You are very wise. I appreciate your honesty and desire to prioritize your life, listening to the Holy Spirit. I will miss your Mia updates, but will definitely email you if I have any adoption questions. :) Enjoy being present with your treasures!

Johanna said...

I completely get it. I do.... I understand this desire, I have had to pull back a whole lot out of the screens.....to pull back into my kids' worlds.
Agreeing with Ang, wish we lived closer and we could go out for coffee:).
Much love to you dear sister in Christ....(((HUGS)))