Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I Love Love doing Passover. We have been doing passover now for about 5 or 6 years. It is so amazing to me to read the scriptures and see the foretelling of Christ our Savior coming to be our Passover Lamb. We celebrated it with our very very dear friends the Jordan family. Alicia was so amazing and had everything done and bought for it since we were just getting home from China. I was so worried we wouldn't get to celebrate it. It is one of my favorite Holidays.
It really makes you examine your life and see what you are holding on to or placing before God. This year we were a little off with jet lag and just getting home, but usually we go through the house and purge all our leavening(which represents sin) and then we go through and pray through the house and ask God to show us what may be an idol or keep us from worshipping him. It is an awesome time. We Know that we can only be totally clean/sinless through our Savior that was our Passover Lamb who took our sin upon him and washed us clean.

My wonderful wonderful sister in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!

The Passover Table is Set

Me, Joe and Mia

Ethan, Cameron, and Austin

Silly Corbin and Jack

Joe and Blair the Fathers doing the Passover Seder together

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