Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mia's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia is an Orphan no More, and we celebrate her life with her second birthday. Thank You Jesus for this precious child. We pray that she will grow and fall in Love with her Daddy God and live her life for you. Thank You Thank you Jesus for Mia.

My heart breaks when I look at her and wonder about her birth mom who knows the exact day of her birth.............I pray God gives her a peace knowing that her daughter is being loved. I can't imagine the hard decision she had to make to leave her daughter. I pray for her birth parents that if they do not know you Lord that they would, and I thank you again that you placed her with our family and that we get to be her daddy and mommy. So Humbling.

We just did a small gathering so we didn't overwhelm little bit since she has only been home a month. Each day she blossoms more and more and I can't tall you enough how awesome it is to watch. Below are a few pics of her Birthday.

Cupcakes and Dirt Cake........Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this girl...........she is even taking steps by herself.

I Love Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia and Papaw (My Dad)

Joe's mom MawMaw and Mia

My grandpa ( who is 81) and my nephew Oliver ( 4 months old)


Paige said...

Happy birthday sweet Mia!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday precious Mia! We love dirt cake at our house too. The boys request it every year. I'm so glad she was with her family for her big day this year!