Friday, April 6, 2012

LOVING our New Normal

I love love this lttle girl. I was looking at her the other night and I know this sounds crazy but I feel like she came from me. It's hard to believe I did not carry her in my womb. If any of you were ever wondering if you could love an adopted child let me just tell you that YES you can.

Mia is doing better each and everyday. It is so neat to watch her unfold before I eyes.

Exploring her new house.

She is actually letting me hold her and lay on my chest. Melt my heart!!!!!!!!

Ethan being the Fantastic Big Brother he is


Ann Marie said...

Mia is such a delight and you all are doing SO well! Praying for you.

Johanna said...

Ahhhh....the miracle of adoption, it's AMAZING, isn't it?:))

Paige said...

so happy it is going well!!!!

Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more!! Feels like Molly has been with us forever! Looks like little Mia is settling in well! Cutie!

jennifer said...

I am so happy things are going well!! It always takes a little while to get through that "re-entry"! What a cutie she is!! I know she is loving those brothers...and they are loving her right back!

a blog full of weldons. said...

loving this post! adoption is crazy amazing! it sounds strange to think emery came from another body other than mine...i love that you and mia are so connected so fast! what a blessing to see you together!