Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

This was our first Easer as a family of 6 and it was such a blessing to have our our Sweet Mia with us. Words can not express my gratitude to Christ for the opportunity to adopt one of his precious children. We feel honored to watch this sweet girl Blossom like a flower. Each and everyday she gives us more of her heart. It is neat to be able to watch it unfold. Thank you Jesus for Mia and our boys. We feel so overwhelmed with these blessings.

Thank you Lord for loving us and sacrificing your Son for us so we could live with you for eternity and when you look at us all you see is white. Your Grace Amazes me. I pray for your Grace Jesus that I would see through your eyes............the way you loving look at us and guide us. I love you Jesus.

I also Thank you for showing me through Mia just a small small glimpse of what rejection is, so that I am reminded how much you loved us and how we reject you so many times Lord. But still you love us Lord. Your Love Oh Lord it Amazes Me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for opening our little girls heart to her FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

Mia Easter Morning with her baby and stroller

Easter Morning before Church. Mia being a silly girl.

The Easter Baskets

Mia's First Easter. She is not sure what to think!!!!!!

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