Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Weather and Sidewalk Chalk

Today was such a beautiful day, a kinda day where you open all your windows and let the cool breeze come in. So this afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather God gave us today. The boys and I went for a walk ..........well I pushed Mia in the stroller and they rode bikes. Then we came back and they had water gun fights and we did sidewalk chalk. It was Mia's first time to experience sidewalk chalk and she loved it. Don't let the serious face below fool you. LOL

My Sweet Ethan. I just love my boys.

Our little princess who is loved and adored

My Sweet Corbin

My Sweet Austin

I just love the way she is looking at him

and yes she has sidewalk chalk all over her.............she wanted me to draw on her arms so we put three colors of side walk chalk on her arms and face. She had a ball..............then it was off to the bath.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like she's fitting in perfectly! And you can tell she adored her brothers too. Love how she's looking at him too..precious!