Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mia's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia is an Orphan no More, and we celebrate her life with her second birthday. Thank You Jesus for this precious child. We pray that she will grow and fall in Love with her Daddy God and live her life for you. Thank You Thank you Jesus for Mia.

My heart breaks when I look at her and wonder about her birth mom who knows the exact day of her birth.............I pray God gives her a peace knowing that her daughter is being loved. I can't imagine the hard decision she had to make to leave her daughter. I pray for her birth parents that if they do not know you Lord that they would, and I thank you again that you placed her with our family and that we get to be her daddy and mommy. So Humbling.

We just did a small gathering so we didn't overwhelm little bit since she has only been home a month. Each day she blossoms more and more and I can't tall you enough how awesome it is to watch. Below are a few pics of her Birthday.

Cupcakes and Dirt Cake........Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this girl...........she is even taking steps by herself.

I Love Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia and Papaw (My Dad)

Joe's mom MawMaw and Mia

My grandpa ( who is 81) and my nephew Oliver ( 4 months old)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time Flies When Your Having Fun

Oh my how a few weeks home and getting over jet lag help a person. LOL We are doing good with little Miss Mia. She has been a hoot this week laughing and smiling a whole lot more........which is such a blessing. And she even Loves her mama now. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! We were at church Sunday and another adoptive China mama came up to Mia and she pulled away and laid her head on my chest. Such an awesome feeling to know she just wanted me. I know that for most this isn't a big deal, but this was Huge in this house. :)

I can't believe we have been home almost 1 month with our baby girl. She just fits so perfectly into our family, it's like she was always here. God knew what he was doing when he blessed our lives with Mia.

As for the boys they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their sister and are the best brothers. It has been so neat to see them be so gentle with her. They play with her, read to her, and help her walk, and Miss Thing just eats up all the attention.

We had Mia's Doctor appointment with the International Adoption Doctors. Mia's special need was Growth and Developmental Delays. To some this may be scary knowing that a child is delayed, but understand that these children are so neglected and malnourished that their little brains need food and stimulation. Dr. Montgomery said that Mia who just had her 2nd bday Sunday (pics to come soon) is a 12 month old developmentally, but she didn't see anything that concerned her. She feels Mia will be able to catch up and have no problems. We did have blood work done (5 viles of it and she was a brave girl) and we do not have the results of that yet. Will keep you posted. The Doc did say that Mia was more behind than she has seen and that she was probably very malnourished. Poor Baby!!!!!!

As far as her eating she is doing GREAT!!!!!! I was worried she was only on bottles, but girlfriend has taken off in the food category. She loves to eat and is even starting to feed herself. We started her on baby food, but now she will eat what we are eating and feed herself. She has made HUGE strides the past week. She amazes us everyday.

She likes her Bath now and doesn't scream like she did for the first 3 or 4 weeks we had her. :)

Girlfriend walks along EVERYTHING.............I think she will be walking in a month or so. She is starting to talk mama, dada, nigh nigh, baba (brother), Uh Oh, Oww...........not bad for one month home and learning English.

We are just beyond thankful to our Daddy God for Mia and all the huge strides she has been making. Thank you Lord for this gift of Adoption we are so humbled that you would choose Mia for our family. I will post pics of her 2nd bday soon. Blessings to All.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Weather and Sidewalk Chalk

Today was such a beautiful day, a kinda day where you open all your windows and let the cool breeze come in. So this afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather God gave us today. The boys and I went for a walk ..........well I pushed Mia in the stroller and they rode bikes. Then we came back and they had water gun fights and we did sidewalk chalk. It was Mia's first time to experience sidewalk chalk and she loved it. Don't let the serious face below fool you. LOL

My Sweet Ethan. I just love my boys.

Our little princess who is loved and adored

My Sweet Corbin

My Sweet Austin

I just love the way she is looking at him

and yes she has sidewalk chalk all over her.............she wanted me to draw on her arms so we put three colors of side walk chalk on her arms and face. She had a ball..............then it was off to the bath.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2 Weeks Home

Well we have been home 2 weeks now and I have slept four nights. My jet lag was bad. I wasn't going to bed until 1 or 2am, my clock just wouldn't switch over. Mia has been a great sleeper and napper. This week has been good, trying to get on a routine. We were gone almost everyday the first week we were home. Just Craziness!!!!
We have our home on the market too and it showed four times the first week we were home. It is a good thing it is showing, but bad when you have jet lag and a new baby. LOL!!!!! Just wanted to give you a few pics of Mia playing. Thanks to all with all your supportive words.

Sweet Girl!

Mia playing

Is my bow big enough!!!!!!LOL

Happy Easter

This was our first Easer as a family of 6 and it was such a blessing to have our our Sweet Mia with us. Words can not express my gratitude to Christ for the opportunity to adopt one of his precious children. We feel honored to watch this sweet girl Blossom like a flower. Each and everyday she gives us more of her heart. It is neat to be able to watch it unfold. Thank you Jesus for Mia and our boys. We feel so overwhelmed with these blessings.

Thank you Lord for loving us and sacrificing your Son for us so we could live with you for eternity and when you look at us all you see is white. Your Grace Amazes me. I pray for your Grace Jesus that I would see through your eyes............the way you loving look at us and guide us. I love you Jesus.

I also Thank you for showing me through Mia just a small small glimpse of what rejection is, so that I am reminded how much you loved us and how we reject you so many times Lord. But still you love us Lord. Your Love Oh Lord it Amazes Me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for opening our little girls heart to her FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

Mia Easter Morning with her baby and stroller

Easter Morning before Church. Mia being a silly girl.

The Easter Baskets

Mia's First Easter. She is not sure what to think!!!!!!


I Love Love doing Passover. We have been doing passover now for about 5 or 6 years. It is so amazing to me to read the scriptures and see the foretelling of Christ our Savior coming to be our Passover Lamb. We celebrated it with our very very dear friends the Jordan family. Alicia was so amazing and had everything done and bought for it since we were just getting home from China. I was so worried we wouldn't get to celebrate it. It is one of my favorite Holidays.
It really makes you examine your life and see what you are holding on to or placing before God. This year we were a little off with jet lag and just getting home, but usually we go through the house and purge all our leavening(which represents sin) and then we go through and pray through the house and ask God to show us what may be an idol or keep us from worshipping him. It is an awesome time. We Know that we can only be totally clean/sinless through our Savior that was our Passover Lamb who took our sin upon him and washed us clean.

My wonderful wonderful sister in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!

The Passover Table is Set

Me, Joe and Mia

Ethan, Cameron, and Austin

Silly Corbin and Jack

Joe and Blair the Fathers doing the Passover Seder together

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special Visit and Some Struggling

Sorry my posts are far and few between, but Miss Mia is still struggling with some attachment mommy issues. She is soooo great when we are out and will go to whoever and even cry for other people but when it comes to me she crys when I hold her. It breaks my heart and I know it is nothing personal, but it is hard as a mommy to be rejected by this little one who I love so much and have prayed for and over. Not enough people speak the truth about there lives once home. Everything I have read makes it seems like life is amazing and the kiddos are adjusting so great.

Well for those that are also struggling I am just going to say it has been HARD. She will scream all day long and there is nothing I can do to comfort her because she still has walls and trust that isn't there. Trying to get back into are routine has been a bit CRAZY. Homeschooling around a screaming tot is hard on everyone.

Now I am not saying I would trade this for anything................I was well prepared for the grieving and to let her go at her own pace. We love her so much and know God had her for our family that she is without a doubt our sweet girl. I even would love to ADOPT again someday. But for those that are thinking of adopting they need to here that all children have different personalities some Joyful, some Strong willed, Some Scared................and our little peanut is very Strong willed and Scared little girl. It takes awhile for walls to come down and for trust to build...........I know it will come in her time and we will see her Shine and become the little girl God has for her.

We all love her even the boys are CRAZY about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did have the opportunity to visit with our precious friends The Ronsmans. They are an amazing family of 7 with 5 children under the age of 7 (2 biological and 3 adopted from China). We have been blessed to have them in our lives especially because Mia is a lot like their daughter Lilly, and the things I call and ask about AnnMarie remembers so clearly with Sweet Lilly. It is so nice to have support. You can follow there family at Joyfully Busy. I also want to thank Angie Weldon for all her sweet words.........She is an amazing mom who I met in the blog world and you can follow there family at Blog Full Of Weldons.

Mia being Silly with Lauren

Mia and Lauren

Mia playing with Lilly

Mia, Lilly and Nora  (they are such sweet girls)

Friday, April 6, 2012

LOVING our New Normal

I love love this lttle girl. I was looking at her the other night and I know this sounds crazy but I feel like she came from me. It's hard to believe I did not carry her in my womb. If any of you were ever wondering if you could love an adopted child let me just tell you that YES you can.

Mia is doing better each and everyday. It is so neat to watch her unfold before I eyes.

Exploring her new house.

She is actually letting me hold her and lay on my chest. Melt my heart!!!!!!!!

Ethan being the Fantastic Big Brother he is