Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Third day in Lanzhou

Hi everyone this is our 3rd day in Lanzhou in the Gansu Province. Here are a few pics of our time today out and about. Joe and I are getting comfortable walking about town without our guide and doing our shopping too. The driving here is CRAZY!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I have squealed in our bus thinking we were about to get in a wreck.

Mia is really warming up to us today. She started giving High Fives, smiling more, laughing, imitating our facial expressions, waving to everyone,  and she is letting mommy love on her now. Yeah God. I was rubbing her belly while she was laying on the bed and I got up and she cried for me to come back. Huge Step!!!!!!

Little Miss has it down, we have headed to the store with her about three times now and she waves to everyone and they oooh and ahhh over her. A older lady today even kissed her. Yes, there is no personal space in China, they are very much in your business. We just try to smile and nod. :)

Oh, and Joe is trying all sorts of Crazy Food. Me on the other hand have gone without some meals. Today we ate at a Muslim restaurant named Amber. It was interesting, they use a whole lot of curry spice. My favorite food was smooshed together corn in a pizza shape, it tasted like a corn fritter. Joe on the other hand dives into all the mystery meat. Not I. I live vicariously through him. LOL

Daddy and Mia before we left the Hotel today

The Streets of Lanzhou

In front of Mammoth fossil from Mia's town of QingYang

Shelly and precious Macy (Another family traveling with us)

Mia and Joe in front of inflated sheepskin raft for crossing the Yellow River

The Muslim Restaurant and our group

Oh, and the reason the girls are wrapped in blankets is because we keep getting told by the Chinese to wrap them up they are to cold. Really it is hot and they are sweating. There children are wearing snow clothes in 60 and 70 degree weather. Mia does not like to wear her hat very long before she is crying and trying to pull it off. That girl sweats.


Paige said...

I'm not adventuous in eating at all and still got sick the other night:( much better now amen!!! Mia is precious, I'm so glad she is doing better!!

Jenny said...

Joe and Amber-
We are having so much fun following your adventure! It brings back great memories from our trip only 3 months ago. And yes, Andy was also much more adventurous in the food dept. than me! Mia is precious and I know you are enjoying her! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Lanzhou! We are praying...

Football and Fried Rice said...

Amber - Mia is so gorgeous! I'm happy to hear she is warming up to you - hang in there, GZ will feel like paradise! Keep those cute pictures coming of your princess!

jennifer said...

I lost LOTS of weight in China!! I'm not very adventurous either :) I'm so glad Mia has turned the corner! She is absolutely precious (and such a little peanut!!)

Don't stress yourself over disapproving people. They'll get over it :) You won't have that problem in GZ :)

Jennifer said...

I wasn't adventerous either, but I did eat LOTS of fried rice and dumplings! Hello CARBS!! lol We were by lots of people to put her coat on, but I just pretended I didn't understand them....it was hot! She is such a little cutie!!