Monday, March 26, 2012

Shamian Island and US Consulate.........

Well, the last two days have been an adventure.  We got to visit Shamian Island, a beautifully landscaped area with victorian archetecture and cobble stone streets.  In the morning, we attended a Christian church service.  It was a Mandarin/English service.  It was awesome to hear the people praising God in their own language.  The chapel was packed out the door and people were even standing outside listening to the preaching through outdoor speakers.  We met a Chinese Christian shop owner who wrote Mia's name in Chinese script for free since we were adoptive families.  Shopping was fun too, not to mention tons of "squeaky shoes."  Yes, we bought a couple... well several pair for little miss Mia.  We took a taxi by ourselves back to the hotel.  It is a different experience riding through Chinese traffic in a little Hyundai.  Many squeals from Amber and honking horn by the driver.  Pedestrians beware!

The next morning, we went to the US Consulate to complete Mia's immigration paperwork, as you can see, she is sporting the red, white and blue!  They wouldn't let us take cameras or cell phones into the building, so no pics of the consulate appointment, sorry.

We pack up tomorrow afternoon, get Mia's final immigration papers, and head to Hong Kong for an overnight stay and fly home the next morning!  Can's wait to see the the family!

Overflowing church service!

Beautiful Shamian Island.  Lots of these statues.  Also, there were dozens of models getting photos in wedding dresses and evening gowns throughout the island.

She is dressed to shop!!!!!!  And enjoys every minute of it.

Painting calligraphy for all the adoptive families...

You would think we were famous, all of the people wanting pictures with us.

Mia showing off her American colors!  Oh, and Amber was so excited that she didn't cry when she went to pick her up out of her crib.  This was the first day that she didn't cry when we held her!  She was blowing us kisses, smiling, and laughing most of the day.

All of the sweet adoptive families in our group.

P.S.  This post was done by Joe.  I tried to make it like Amber would have written it.  Amber is not feeling well- achy and nautious.  Pray that she gets good rest tonight and feels better in the morning.  I'm hoping it is just from exhaustion and not the delicious Thai food we had for lunch.


Paige said...

So glad your trip is coming to an end. I hope you feel better soon!!!

a blog full of weldons. said...

amber...praying you feel better for the trip home! thanks for the updates and all of the pics of your lovely girl! so happy she is starting to trust and having some happy days. praying praying praying you through the stretch home!!!

Johanna said...

Aww Amber, praying u feel better fast!! Loving all the pics and updates....that church service was pretty amazing, wasn't it? Praising God that she is starting to open up her previous heart to u...praying u home! ((hugs))

jennifer said... make a great blogger :) You should have taken the opportunity to write a "daddy" post, though! We would love to hear your thoughts on this whole journey ;) I'm so glad everything is so awesome with Mia. I'm praying Amber feels better. Yay!!! You're almost home!!!

Tonya Cooper said...

Get home safe and soon! So excited to see u all!