Monday, March 19, 2012

Seeing Christ's Love for Us

It is amazing to see this little girl who was born in our hearts even before we had a picture of her. We knew whoever God wanted to be in our family we would love sooooo much. As I sit here this morning in China I am in Awe of our precious Lord and his love for us. I thought I got Christs' love, but this has really opened my eyes to how wide and how deep his love and grace run for us.

Our precious Mia has had a hard time, and I thank you for praying for her comfort. When I see her grieve or push me away my heart breaks because I know how much I love this little one, but she has know idea yet what that love and trust are.

In this I think of Jesus and how he must look at us sinners. He knows how much he loves us and I could just sense his heart breaking when we are not trusting in him. I can almost here him say in an audible voice Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest. Jesus' love is so Wide and So Deep for us.

I pray right now if you don't know your Heavenly Father Yet and are reading my blog that you will be overwhelmed by him right now and feel how wide and deep the Father's Love is for you. That you would take that step to trust him with your whole heart.

My prayer for Mia the whole time while we were apart and waiting to get her was overwhelming Peace and comfort from our Father in Heaven, and I continue that as we continue to pursue to win her heart that she will she Jesus' love through us.

Below in the next post is just a sweet song about finding Christ. Enjoy!!!!!!! May God's Love and Peace come over you today.


Jennifer VanHaverbeke said...

Oh Amber, I am just eating up all the posts and the pictures!!! I feel like we are reliving it step by step with you! I am still stunned that two strangers that ended up in the same little town in Texas are standing in the exact same location half way around the world! I recognize just everything! Maybe we even sat in the same chair at the Civil Affairs officd!!! As far as sweet Mia's difficult time, just wait until the magic third day - I would bet chocolate chip cookies that you will notice a BIG change! Maci grieved heavily those first 2 days and believe it or not, that is the healthy response...she would scream into my chest, finally calm down, then look back up at this strange white woman and start sobbing again, wondering why I was STILL THERE!!! :o) But a dear friend gave me a beautiful phrase to hang on to whenever we asked for prayers as Maci's life was turned upside down...she told me that Maci's life did NOT just turn upside finally turned right side UP!!! Hang in there, sweet one and cherish each moment! Love ya! Jen

Jennifer said...

Love this post and so true! Hang in there mama. I know it's hard to watch her grieve and to not be the mama she's crying for. It won't be long before it's ALL you.

jennifer said...

Praying for your sweet girl. Wesleigh struggled so bad too, it won't be long before Miss Mia is resting in her mama's love!!!