Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Itinerary

Well we got our Itinerary.........we get our sweet girl on Sunday the 18th..........Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15th  Depart for Beijing

Friday , March 16        Arrival

Saturday, March 17th   Sightseeing

Sunday, March 18th     GOTCHA DAY!!!! A.M. Fly to Gansu P.M. Meet our Girl

Monday, March 19     Civil Affairs Appointment

Tuesday, March 20     Appointments and Sightseeing

Wednesday, March 21  Appointments and Sightseeing

Thursday, March 22     Appointments and Sightseeing

Friday , March 23         Fly to Guangzhou for Consulate appointment and paperwork

Saturday, March 24     Child's Medical Exam and Consulate Paperwork (Paperwork Party)

Sunday, March 25       Sightseeing and Shopping

Monday, March 26     Consulate Appointment at 10am and Consulate Oath Taking Ceremony

Sunday, March 27      Pick up Child's Visa and Depart for Hong Kong

Monday, March 28     Depart from Hong Kong

Monday, March 28     Arrive Home (We gain a whole day) Crazy!!!!!!!!!

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