Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More of Mia

Ms. Mia

Playing on the floor with the other kiddos

Holding Jacobs hands and standing. So Awesome to see!!!!!!

She actually letting me hold and feed her. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Mia is doing well today. Right now we take it day to day and try to meet her needs. We took her down to breakfast and the other families were down there. I sat her on the floor (which she has not been letting me do) and she played and laughed. She loves the Bogg's Family's Son Jacob (he is 14) she actually showed us this morning that she could scoot, stand and walk while Jacob was holding onto her hands. She wouldn't do it for me, but at least she was showing us. She loved all the attention this morning and was eating it up. Below is a clip of our precious girl playing last night in our room.


jennifer said...

She is so cute! She is going to LOVE her brothers!!!!

LoVE her outfit today :)

Jennifer said...

Ok, she has the sweetest laugh!! So cute! I agree with Jen, she will LOVE her brothers!!

Melissa Renno said...

So happy for you! I love watching the progress she is making in letting you in....just precious! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us! Praying for u!

Sharon said...

Oh my, she is SO adorable and tiny! So neat that she is letting you in, even if it only feels like a little. If you continue to respect her boundaries, she will come to you on her own and it is so worth it!!!! Hard at times, but worth it! Liliah has been home for just over 3 years and while she was an easy baby and seemed to like us both, she really made a turn and PREFERRED DADDY and it took my about 8 months for her to REALLY DESIRE AND UNDERSTAND the need for her mommy. Now she wants to have what I'm having and sometimes match what I'm wearing and telling daddy that "we're having girl time!"

Sharon said...

I forgot to mention though that for 8 months, I bottle fed, rocked and put her to bed every night....and at some point the scale tipped in favor of her and my relationship.

DiJo said...

YAY for BIG babysteps today!!!! I love the first photo! Her outfit is precious.. But, that face is.... so beautiful! I am guessing you are off to Guangzhou! I hope the sun is shining there, and that you have a wonderful time! Soon she will be home and showing off her her big brothers!!!!


a blog full of weldons. said...

oh my, she is so precious and incredible!!!!!