Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mia Day

*Amber and Joe are having trouble accessing their blog, so I am posting for her :) Mia is SO adorable! Jennifer

Well gotcha day was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Mia did cry for a little bit and then she played and was good, but toward the end of the night she hit a wall and was crying for hours. It was so sad to see her so upset and we couldn't comfort her. Joe did get a couple smiles out of her last night. She is one SPICY Girl we already get the don't mess with me look (she has that down pretty good). If we try to feed her with her bottle she will give us the Spicy look and throw her bottle at us. She wants to lay and do it herself. So sad that she doesn't know the love that a family gives, but we are praying that she will hopefully get adjusted and know how much she is loved.

She has daddy wrapped around her little finger already, I think she is going to be a daddy's girl. She really right now prefers him over me. :( I know in time she will learn to trust me too. Well here are some pics of Mia Day and and today she was officially made a Leggio. She is now Mia Hannah Leggio.

Baby Girl had Three layers of clothes. I forgot to say we left Beijing on Sunday morning and arrived in Lanzhou Sunday afternoon and then we got our babies that night. They were in a car from 7am until 5:30pm yesterday. Poor things.









Jennifer said...

Oh Amber!!! She is a doll!!! I'm sorry she's having a rough time right now, but in no time she'll realize how much her family loves her and will be so happy and content. Molly grieve for a few days too, crying for her nanny, and it absolutely broke my heart! Worst cry I've ever heard, but look at her now. Mia will be the same way. I'm praying for peace for her and for y'all. Love the picture of you just soaking her up. That's the best! And love that she's a daddy's girl. Isn't it crazy how the dad's turn to putty?:) I love it! Praying for y'all! She's beautiful!!!

Lindsey Houck said...

I'M SO HAPPY THIS DAY HAS OFFICIALLY come!!! I'm praying that the Holy Spirit will help Mia warm up quickly and understand the sweet love you guys have for her already. I love the picture of you kissing her, beautiful. I can see the grateful heart you have- it's all over your face and embrace. Thank you Jesus. Love and miss you!
Lindsey Houck :o)

Peter and Tanya said...

Oh Sweet Mama! What a beautiful little one! Can't wait to see you all in GZ! We are room 888!