Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making Eiffel Towers

Well this whole year we have been studying the continents and the countries on them and also the missionaries who were in those countries. It has been amazing learning about all the places that God has created and the heart that these missionaries have for the people groups they live among. I love reading biographies, especially if they are about people furthering God's Kingdom.

Anywho we have been studying Europe and the country we were on was France. We read the cutest book which is based on a true story form 1826. It is call The Giraffe That Walked To Paris by Nancy Milton. Super Cute Book!!!!!! Also we made our own Eiffel Towers out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Fun Times!!!!! I love when we can make school come alive for my kiddos in fun ways where it will stick. :)

My Sweet Ethan being goofy.

Austin showing me his creation

Corbin showing me his creation


Johanna said...

awww, I remember doing that project years ago! Are you doing ECC with MFW? your boys are so adorable!!! wow, not much longer and you all will be invaded with pink, bows and girlie lovin'!!!!!SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Johanna said...

btw, YOur blog is so beautiful! I wish I knew how to make such a creative header like yours!!! Just gorgeous!