Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loving Guangzhou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been so happy to be off an airplane as I was getting off the flight to Guangzhou................I know I am not a flyer but even the people that fly all the time said it wasn't a good flight. I prayed a lot of the time. China Southern Airlines not so much. We shook and went back and forth. OH MY is all I have to say, and if it weren't for a sweet dad in our group I would have been sitting with Mia (who was screaming) by myself next to to Chinese business men. I can laugh about it now that I am off the plane. We absolutely LOVE Guangzhou!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Hotel is Awesome and the city is really pretty. I can't wait to go out and explore. The night we got in we went and had Cantonese food and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of our favorite dinners since arriving in China. We had our medical exam today and paperwork party. Mia freaked at the medical exam which we expected she started to regress, but them it was like we turned a corner on the bus.................almost like she new Hey these people are here to stay and they are going to take care of me.

Yummy Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Mia at the Medical Exam

Sweet Mia (Diane she is wearing her Swanky Baby Vintage from the gift certificate from Pearl River)

                                                Daddy and Mia and the Dr. at Medical Exam

Mia being her silly self in our Hotel Room


jennifer said...

GZ seems to have magical powers! I can't wait to see her blossom each and every day! Enjoy GZ! Don't forget to get the sweet and sour chicken at the Cow and Bridge (on the island). Have some for me! My mouth is watering as I type!!!!

Johanna said...

GZ was a breath of fresh, warm air for us!!!! A great place to enjoy your new little girl...we loved just walking around and shopping on the island. Don't forget to get squeaky shoes!!:)) Mia is so stunning!!!!!! What a gift! Praying for the bonding process...loving her smiles!!!!

Jennifer said...

Awwww, LOVE the pic of her smiling!! She is so CUTE!! Happy y'all are at GZ and close to being home! I know y'all are anxious to see your boys!

DiJo said...

LOVE your Swanky Baby!!!!!! Can you believe soon you will be coming home!!!!! I hope you are feeling better Amber! I will be praying for you!!!! Mia is sooooo adorable!! I love seeing you with your little girly peanut!!!!!!