Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lanzhou Zoo and Park

Well today started off Rocky with Sweet Girl, it was almost like she took a step back. By lunch she was doing better. Poor thing...........we just wonder what is going on in that head of hers. I know she is still guarding her heart. She trys to test us by pushing us away or hitting at me.............we just pull her in and hug her and tell her we love her. She did warm up by afternoon and even said her first word to us DADA. Yes she is a daddy's girl and he was beyond thrilled. I even think his eyes watered up. He was smiling from ear to ear.

We went to a huge park, zoo, and buddhist temple (not my favorite) today.............the park was beautiful with people doing Tia Chi all around. Joe even joined in with our guide Steed, he thinks he may start making his fire crew Tia Chi in the mornings at work. LOL!!!!!! At the zoo we got to see a lone Panda, Bears, Kangaroo, Peacocks, Wolves, and some other different animals. We did go to the Buddhist temple which gave me an overwhelming oppression in my spirit I could hardly stay there, It was almost like a burning sensation in my soul. It made me very sad to see people bowing to these cast idols to worship thinking they can help them or give them peace. It broke my heart knowing that the peace they seek can only be found in Christ Jesus and what Joy they could walk in if they only knew him. Before we came Joe and I prayed for divine appointments that he may give us. We are trying to live out our faith before the Chinese people. We pray publicly before our meals even in the Muslim restaurant. It has been a blessing to travel with fellow believers. Before we left Beijing our group had a time of prayer down by the indoor pool with other people around. I love it!!!!!!!!!! Trying to be like Jesus and be friendly, I pray for the people here to know the Lord there God and I am thankful that we will get to teach our daughter about her Heavenly Father.

Here are some pics of our day today...................

The entrance to the park we went to in Lanzhou

Joe doing Tai Chi

Joe and that is our guide Steed in the background

In the beautiful Park


jennifer said...

Joe looks like he has some moves!! lol... I have to seems like you've been in your province forever!!! You are going to see great strides with Mia when you get to GZ! Just sit back and be amazed!! I can't wait to see her transformation!!!

Johanna said...

enjoying your journey! Mia is so beautiful!!!!

Jolene said...

My husband and I love Chinese architecture and if we visit any of the temples it will simply to enjoy the beauty of the building. I, too, find it terribly sad that they worship something made of their own hands. We do pray for the hearts of the people of China* to come back to the Lord!

Praying for your little angel as she struggles a bit.