Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Because

Just because................... Gotta love her Hiney up in the air!!!!!


living out His love said...

Amber, just caught up on your blog. I am so thrilled to see that God is working in her and she is warming up to you! It truly is amazing and miraculous to SEE and FEEL Jesus' love for us through adoption. It has opened up my heart even more to Him and I now really, truly GET IT. I know you know it too :-)

I was blessed by looking through all of your pictures and catching up on your trip. Mia is seriously BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning baby girl. She looks like a tiny peanut! I will keep her comfort and peace in my prayers and patience, patience, patience for you, mama! CONGRATS!!!! You have your girl!!! How amazing it will be to have your whole family together - it will be one of the sweetest moments of your whole life. Cherish it and soak it in, my friend! BLESSINGS TO YOUR FAMILY!

Paige said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute!!!! so glad she cried for you!!!! How old is Mia???

The Oswalds said...

She is too precious!

DiJo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer has been keeping my posted!!!! So very happy for you!!! Miss Mia is PRECIOUS!!!!! What a sweet peanut you have to love on for the rest of your life!!!! YAY GOD!!!!

Blessings and Hugs from MN!

Jennifer said...

LOVE !!!!!